Calculating flow rate for your 3D slicer –

‘Flow rate’ is a slicer setting that tells the 3D printer how much plastic to extrude. Correct flow rate is the first step towards pretty and dimensionally accurate 3D prints, so it’s important to know how to set it properly. — Read on...

Realtime Video using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Python PiCamera 

Your Pi Zero W can be set up with a PiCam to remotely stream videos from anywhere in your home network. Information can be found in the PiCamera doc website and a sample script to get started is provided. Source: Dan The IOT Man Realtime Video using a Raspberry Pi...


Source for hardware, tools and equipment Source: McMaster-Carr

A Noob’s Guide To McMaster-Carr 

Source: Hackaday Article about using McMaster Carr and other sources to find hardware and supplies for the Maker Source: A Noob’s Guide To McMaster-Carr | Hackaday